Tuesday, December 2, 2008


What a great weekend we had! Clint and my Cousin Braedon and I went to Grand Junction Colorado to spend time with my sisters and nephews. Normally when I go, I can only spend about 3 days which means I arrive late on a Friday night, stay all day Saturday and then leave mid morning Sunday. This time we spent 5 days, which was so great. I don't think that it was the actual Thanksgiving dinner that made it so wonderful, because really we only had the Thanksgiving dinner for about 10 minutes and then it was over, it was more the whole weekend and the day leading up to the dinner and the days after that we were able to spend together. One thing that we did enjoy the most was playing games. Nothing beats games with the family! I'm not sure yet which was better sleeping in or no school and work. They are definitely tied. I don't remember the last time I had that many days in a row without and agenda.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

My sister Kelly with the Race Car. My nephew Carter had control of the camera for many of these photos.

Clint and Me Playing the Wii. We were boxing and Clint was totally beating me up!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jenny Cakes!

My Freshman year of College I dabbled in Culinary School, at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. As fun as it was, I realized that maybe being a professional Chef was not exactly for me. I wasn't really interested in signing my entire life away for my career, plus I enjoy my Sundays and holidays off. One thing that I did gain from Culinary School is cakes. I really enjoyed my bake shop classes and I found that I am semi-talented in the cake making area. I did a cake today for my dear friend Nate Armstrong. I've never really done any cakes for people who aren't friends, but if I had I'm sure it would not be near as special. I think I put more into my cakes when they are for someone that I'm truly friends with.

This has to have been the most enjoyable cake that I have made yet. My favorite thing to do is kind of sit in the background at the weddings and listen to the comments people are making. It's the only way to get an honest opinion.

This is me when I was 19 at cooking school.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 13, 2008

I did it! I joined the millions of bloggers. Not sure if I'm cut out for the blogging crowd yet, but I figured I should give it a try.

So here's a little bit about me. Lets start with the basics, My name is Jenny Clinton (no I'm not related to Bill and Hillary). I am 24 and loving life! I currently live in Logan Utah Monday through Thursday of every week and Friday through Sunday I live out of my car. I'm in college, which has always been a pretty loose term for me. After two other colleges, many "semesters off" from school and a full-time LDS mission I have finally been able to decide on a future for myself. I currently attend Salt Lake Community College and am studying American Sign Language Interpreting. I first started learning Sign Language in High School. There was a Deaf boy on my swim team that i thought was incredibly cute. I knew that the only way I could date him would be to learn his language so I did. We went on a few dates, and then he graduated and I graduated and we lost touch. Sometimes I wonder where he is now.

My Dad is in the Air Force, so this makes me an Air Force Brat. I've lived in three different countries, who knows how many cities, and we're not even going to get into how many houses. I have loved every minute of it. Some people may say that it's hard to move around so much, I say when and where. I suppose it would have been nice to live in the same house growing up or to have some roots somewhere, but honestly I have never experienced that so I wouldn't know the difference. My parents currently live in Germany (for the second time). It is hard to have them so far away, but I do look forward to "going home" when it is Germany. Needless to say one of my Favorite things is travel.

I had the opportunity to serve a full-time LDS Mission in Sacramento California in the Deaf program. This has changed every direction that my life was going. Not that it was going in a down hill direction before my mission, it just helped me figure life out, which I was in need of. It is amazing what can happen when you open your eyes and see what Heavenly Father has in store for you. This I will forever be thankful for.

I'm dating a great guy, Clint. He is wonderful. We try to spend as much time together, but we live in two different cities (luckily only about two hours apart) so this only leaves the weekends. So far they are the best weekends of my life. Clint is the best Saxophone player in the world, and this is no exaggeration. Sometimes I wonder what he is doing with a girl who knows nothing about music and couldn't carry a tune to save her life.