Monday, February 23, 2009

Thunder Down Under

Nothing says Valentine's Day with the girls like Las Vegas, WOOT WOOT! Some girlfriends and I decided that sense we are single, why not just skip the worst day of the year all together and go to the city of sin and be super sinful (ok well not super sinful, and maybe not sinful at all, but I'm sure I had you guys going there for a minute). Being single kind of sucked at first, but I'm slowly realizing how awesome the freedom is!
We drove down on friday the 13th and had a blast the whole way.

There are supposed to be 4 of us in this picture but Kayti had a hard time with her aim and she kept cutting herself out, luckily someone in the gas station came to our rescue and took a picture for us:

To be completely honest we had only three goals for this trip: 1) Take a lot of pictures, go crazy with the pictures. 2) Get married at the drive-thru wedding chapel....... to each other. 3) Eat at a Buffet. So only goals 1 and 3 happened. Unfortunately we could not marry each other. I just don't understand this! :) We also went to the temple first thing, we figure we might as well feel the spirit for at least two hours of out trip. The Las Vegas Temple is gorgeous. Who would have thought "Sin City" could have so many not so sinful people.

Here we are at goal #3. We ate at the Rio Buffet. It was so good! Clearly Olivia loved the Dessert table:

We also met these way nice guys, Trammel and Chris, in line while we were waiting to get in and eat:

The best part of the whole trip were the Thunder from Down Under boys. It just doesn't get any better than this: