Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Booger to Pick!

In my math class there is a kid who is kid who I made the mistake of sitting next to for the first week or so and then i realized that I should find a new seat. This kid is of the more nerdy type, but more the annoying kind. He's very obviously fresh of the mission because in almost every comment that he makes he has to talk about his mission. To me this seems a little odd because it's a math class so it doesn't really make sense to talk about your mission at all, plus the teacher is catholic so he so clearly doesn't care. I have also heard him make comments like, "Naturally, everyone knows what a Z mega thousand drive is with blah blah blah and this and that on your hard drive and you soft drive..." Really? Everyone knows what that is? Or there was one day when he wouldn't stop talking to the poor girl on the other side of him about his iPod and how he got to go inside the temple in street clothes because he left his iPod there and it was just so amazing that he got to walk around in the temple in his jeans and hoody..... seriously?
Anyway, yesterday I was only 5 minutes late for class and when I walked in, another student who is always at least 30 minutes late was in my seat! everyone knows that even though it is college and your seats are not assigned, if you sit in the same seat for an extended number of times that seat becomes yours! Because this other guy was in my seat I was forced to sit next our nerdy friend. So I'm sitting in class taking notes and things when I see in the corner of my eye his left hand rise to his nose. He then inserts his left index finger into his nose and pulls out a booger. He then examines this booger, rolls in in between his index finger and his thumb and then proceeds to wipe it on his seat! OK, I understand that sometimes you totally have a booger to pick. It happens to all of us, but there is an appropriate way to pick the booger. If you must pick it and you don't have a tissue or anything, don't wipe it on the chair you are sitting in so that the person to follows you has to set in it or possible touch it. GROSS! GROSS! GROSS!