Monday, February 7, 2011

Maybe I am Made of Tin

Yesterday was fast Sunday and to be completely honest, I really don't like fast Sundays. Here are some reasons why:

  • I just hate when people get up on the stand and start balling so hard that you can't understand anything they are saying. When people start going on and on about their feelings, I really just want to get up and scream out, "I don't care about your feelings!" Yes, I know this is incredibly rude which is why I keep it to myself, with the exception of now because I'm writing about it.
  • I understand that many couples struggle to have children. I have not had to experience this trial so far in my life and I really do feel for those who are faced with this trial. In fact I do have many close friends and family members who are currently faced with this trial and it can cause large amounts of undue stress and anxiety to a person who is very undeserving. That being said, if it is not appropriate for you to blatantly discuss your sex life in public, how is it appropriate to covertly discuss it? Do you realize what you are really saying when you say, "we are desperately trying so hard to have a baby..." There just has to be a better way to discuss your desires to be blessed with a child over the pulpit.
  • Is the poor Deccan who walks around the chapel with a microphone really necessary? I understand the importance of having that for those who are unable to walk because really everyone should have the opportunity to share their testimony if they feel so inclined, but the problem is that as soon as one person uses it, everyone decides that they should use it and majority of the time, those who are using it are perfectly able to walk up to the podium. If you are an able bodied person, you are perfectly able to use both legs and walk up to the pulpit to share your testimony just like everyone else in the chapel. If you are the 15 year old boy who was seen running down the hall before church started, you do not qualify for the microphone to be brought to you in your seat! Everyone else got up and walked to the pulpit, why can't you?!
  • On my mission, it always worked out that the one Sunday out of the entire month that an investigator, who was already on the fence about the church in the first place, could come to church was always fast Sunday. Without fail, this always happened. And, without fail, the one ward member that everyone wishes would keep their testimony to themselves gets up to share it. You all know the one I'm talking about because every ward has it. It's the one who talks about Kolab and bursts out into random bits of song. It's the one who talks about their own personal revelations regarding the second coming and being translated in their lifetime.
I'm totally aware that I sound like a completely heartless person, but I think that I'm just voicing the things that you all are actually thinking while you are sitting in your own fast and testimony meetings.