Monday, November 1, 2010

Does Anyone go Trick or Treating Anymore?

Now that we are awesome adults and own a house, we were super excited to hand out candy for halloween! We went to the store and bought more candy than we should have, made sure to be home all night and we even checked to make sure that our porch light was on at least five times through out the night. Then we waited and waited and waited and no one came!!!!! Ok no one is not exactly true. We finally got one at like 8 PM and then only three more by 9 PM. Does anyone go trick or treating anymore? I know that some wards do Trunk or Treat, but I don't recall my ward doing that. I remember growing up and going to doors where people had completely run out of candy because there were so many kids out. This clearly wasn't the case this year.
When anyone did come to the door, it was as if ringing the door bell wasn't enough, they had to ring, bang on the door three times and then ring the bell three more times. For real, if we didn't hear it the first time, aren't going to hear it the second and third time! When we answered the door they just held out their bags and gave us a blank stare as if we were to just give them candy without practicing any of the pagan rituals that are required of trick or treating. Don't they know that if you want candy, you have to say the magic words?!?!
I hoped that this year might cure me of the Halloween Scroogism that I practice (which I inherited from my mom), but alas it has not. Now I have nothing but disappointment and too much candy. Halloween has failed me once again.