Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Long time no blog...

It's been about 8 months since my last blog update and I'm feeling a little out of the loop on the blogging scene! I've missed out on what everyone is up to and I haven't been doing very well at keeping all of you updated either. (I guess it's a little narcissistic of me to assume that I have this great following of other bloggers, but lets face it ignorance is bliss and if assuming that makes me feel better about myself than that's what I'm going to do).
So Garret and I got engaged and did a crash course in wedding planning. After hearing about what everyone else wanted me to do and also about all the other wonderful things I could do myself to save more money, I found myself going into information over load and wanting to pull my own hair out. Instead of taking the extra thrifty do-it-yourself-in-a-stake-center approach I chose to find a venue and pay others to do it for me. This, I think, may have been the best decision of my life!!!! To all you soon to be brides out there: when everyone tells you to take the hight road and go cheap on the wedding, DON'T DO IT! Just pay someone else to stress out for you. You'll be happier, your family will be happier and your lucky groom-to-be will actually still want to marry you!
The wedding was great, low key and super chill. I was able to use my two favorite phrases for the day, "I don't care" and "do whatever you want."

Here are so photos of the day:

We were lucky to take a short, but very fun honeymoon to San Diego. The highlights of the trip were eating real authentic Mexican food, which we thoroughly enjoyed, going Kayaking and going to Sea World. Unfortunately, we both had to get back to work so we only spent five days in San Diego. Here are some photos from that (you will notice that there are mostly only pictures of one of us at a time, but not any of us together. This is because we didn't have a third person with us to take the pictures and we lack the motivation to ask anyone to take a picture of us together.):

The best Salsa of our lives!

The whole time we were in San Diego, Garret kept saying he wanted to eat at a restaurant that sat over the ocean. We did and were very satisfied with the view, but were slightly disappointed in the food. Guess we were only paying for the experience.

"Look! It's the ocean!"

Many people were specifically avoiding these seats, we on the other hand were hoping to get soaked.

Garret's first In'N Out experience.

After five days of literal paradise we came home to this:

Shame on us for thinking it would actually take care of itself while we were gone.

We've also gone through our first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day and move in this time as well. Garret got a new job in Clearfield, which meant that the only thing we were doing in Morgan was sleeping, literally. We have found a great apartment in Layton, right across from the mall and are happy to enjoy a shorter commute to work and school and more time with each other. Not sure if this country boy will be able to survive the city yet, but I guess we'll find out won't we.