Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Waiting Game

If there is anything that I have learned since starting this whole buying a house process it's that there is so much involved. I mean just to submit an offer we had to sign like 50 pages of forms stating that we wanted to submit an offer before we could actually submit an offer.

This time last week we were supposed to be closing on the house and moving in, but there were some complications. Luckily these complications are not our fault, but none the less we are the ones who are suffering. Because we are getting an FHA Loan, there are a number of requirements and inspections that the house needs to pass before we can get our loan and close on the house. Every time FHA comes back with another thing that needs to be accomplished the builder says he "didn't know" these things needed to be done. So then he does it and then we have to wait until all the paper work goes through. That is what we are doing right now, waiting. It has been almost 3 weeks since the last repair was done and we have heard NOTHING. Not to mention that now because we have exceeded our allotted time for closing we have to pay a fee, which the builder refuses to pay even though it is kind of his fault that we have had to extend our closing. The longer we wait, the more fees we have to pay. I hope that I never have to buy a house again!

On the more positive side, we were at RCWilley last weekend and found this awesome couch that was on sale for half of it's normal cost and we were actually able to pay cash for it! The Even better part about it is that it's RED. I know that's kind of bold, and Garret doesn't really like it, but because he is a wonderful husband he said that I can get whatever I want. I think it would turn out pretty good. So now I have this wonderful couch waiting for me in a warehouse somewhere, if only I had a house to put it in.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Happy Homecoming

My big brother, Chris returned home last night after 6 months in Iraq. I feel so honored to have real life heros like my Dad and my brother in my family. We are all so happy that he is home and safe. It's just too bad we all couldn't be there with Lindsay to greet him on the flight line.

For those of you who know my brother, you will notice how skinny he is! He lost about 20 bounds or maybe even more while he was gone. Mostly because they don't really have much to do during their down time so they go to the gym.