Monday, August 27, 2012

Amelia's Firsts: Part III

June 21, 2012: First Time Meeting Grandpa Bob

My Dad came out a little bit later than my mom after he went to Texas to visit my brother and his family. It's so nice having your parents around. It's like being a kid again because they do stuff for you and it's almost like you can forget about doing all those adult things that you have to do for just a few minutes.

June 21, 2012: Amelia's First KU Apparel Items

We are KU fans in our family. Garret isn't really but in my immediate family we are because that's where my brother went to school and in Kansas, it's kind of a big deal that you pick a team. Chris and Lindsay sent us this awesome package with all these neat KU items in it.

June 22, 2012: Amelia's First Road Trip!

Early in the morning on June 22, we hit the road with my parents to go see family on the west coast. So, here she is just happy in her car seat embarking on the adventure of her life! (because you and I both know that she will remember every single minute of it)

June 22, 2012: Amelia's First Time Meeting Great Grandma Blaylock, First Time in OR and First Time on a Farm

On the first day of our trip we stayed the night at the farm in Nyssa, OR. I love this photo of my Grandma holding Amelia. It's just so sweet!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amelia's Firsts: Part II

Amelia's First Binky Ever!

For the first week or two, every time we would put this binky that we got from the hospital in Amelia's mouth, she would grip it like that. There were even a few times that she would have the fingers of her other hand in her mouth with the binky while griping it with the other. Such a funny girl!

June 3, 2012: Amelia's First Time Using the Force

This Star Wars onesie just might be my favorite!

June 4, 2012: Amelia's First Time Meeting Grandma Becky

Lucky for me, my mom came out a week after Amelia was born and stayed with us for a whole month! It was so amazing because i didn't have to worry about  a thing. Now that she's gone, I don't really know what to do. I haven't had a good meal since.

June 8, 2012: Amelia's First Time Being Exploited by Grandma After a Rough Night

This is what I get for falling asleep on the couch after a very sleepless night. Thanks Mom!

June 10, 2012: Amelia's First Time Wishing Uncle Chris a Happy Birthday

Nothing beats a birthday wish from your brand new niece! I'm just amazed that we caught her with her eyes open.

Some time in June (I can't remember the exact date): Amelia's First Play Date in the Park

Clearly Amelia LOVES play dates and sun bathing. The truth is, I think that these play dates are more for me than they are for her. I am learning that it's good to get out of the house sometimes and socialize with people who are my own age.

June 20, 2012: Amelia's First Time Wearing a Bow that Is the Same Size as Her Head

Before I had a baby, I used to think it was so dumb that people would put all these silly bows on their children. Clearly I don't feel that way now. I LOVE THE BOWS! They are so cute and they complete the outfits perfectly. Having a girl is the best because the clothes are so cute!

June 20, 2012: Amelia's First Time Meeting Cousin Casey

Not only was this the first time for Casey and Amelia to meet, it was also Casey's first road trip. Tracee and Casey drove out from Colorado to see my parents and meet Amelia. Giving Amelia a nice tap on the leg with her foot is Casey's way of saying "Hi." I think these two girls are going to have a great time growing up together.