Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas in Europe part 2: Germany's Philly Cheese Steak

Pretty much the best thing ever to eat would be a Doener Kebab. SO DELICIOUS! A Doener Kebab is your choice of Lamb, Beef, or Chicken (most common is Lamb), cooked on a vertical spit and stuffed in a pita with lettuce tomato, peppers, cabbage and onions and then topped with goat cheese and some special sauce that I have yet to figure out the recipe for. It is the most delicious thing ever and I have the official approval of that from my brother in-law who is the pickiest eater ever. If he likes it, it must be good. The entire trip to Germany, I craved one of these. It is just a shame that they don't make these here in the US.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas in Europe Part 1

One of the greatest, no actually THE greatest advantages of being a military brat, is it involves traveling to awesome places. Lucky for me my parents are still enjoying that perk and as one of their offspring so am I. My mom and dad are living in Germany, and have been since 2004 (this time). So this year my sister, Tracee and her husband, Rob and I took the eight hour flight to Germany so that we could see Europe for two weeks. I have already been to all the places that we have gone to so far. being the youngest I have also been the lucky one to live here for a few months at a time over the past 5 years, so for me it was almost like going home for Christmas. I have one more day left and I must say that it has definitely been a great trip. We flew out of Salt Lake City on December 21. Salt lake had zero delays and was an easy flight, Chicago on the other hand was not so much fun. Everyone says that if you can avoid flying through Chicago you should, it will make your trip that much easier. For one thing, I though Logan was cold. Logan has nothing on Chicago. We were inside the airport, no where near and open door and you could feel the cold. Oh my gosh!!! Luckily our flight was only delayed 2 hours, the young man sitting next to me on our flight to Germany had been in the Chicago airport since 5 AM that day, our flight for Germany was leaving at 9:45 PM. Suddenly my two hour delay did not seem so bad.

We passed the time in our two hour delay by being the obnoxious people who camp out on the airport floor and play cards. some people even inquired as to what we were doing because we were having so much fun.

While we were playing cards, we finally discovered what the cause of all these delays were.....

We arrived in Germany and my parents took us immediately to Rothenberg. It is a medieval city in Germany, and also a Clinton family favorite. we are there so often that we have a standard hotel that we stay at and a restaurant that we eat at. it is definitely one of the gems of the country. words don't quite do it justice, but pictures do!!!

There is a wall surrounding the city. during WWII, part of that wall was bombed, so in order to repair, the town invited people and organizations from all over the world to buy a meter of wall, and then their names would be on that meter of wall that they purchased as it was rebuilt.

Apperantly there is some confusion as to how you spell Tokyo: